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Biology 101: Everything You Need To Know About Network Marketing
Submitted by: Jason O`Toole
Related Topic:  Attraction Marketing

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Here’s a primer I hope illustrates the key to success in all facets of life - hell, the key to life itself -  to give you a sense of what works and what doesn’t in building a successful network marketing business.

Like it or not, all life, whether single-celled, leafy green, or business suited, is biological and as such we have two inter-connected purposes that drive all others: survival and replication.  The purpose of life is to survive and, seeing that we can’t live forever - yet - life also seeks to replicate itself by passing genes on to offspring, or writing great symphonies, or having a drink named after you like my favourite, the Harvey Wallbanger.  This isn’t a choice; it’s hard-wired into all living organisms.  If it wasn’t there’d be no life, no me writing, no you reading.

Now since we humans are especially clever life forms, we’ve developed especially clever ways of moving the survival and replication agenda forward.  But, really, we’re always following the same imperative: do what is necessary to survive and replicate.

As social creatures, we’ve survived and even thrived by forming communities for protection - which makes survival easier and, in some cases, creates great wealth. Within those communities there are invariably pecking orders based on perceived survival and replication value: align yourself with the strong and the successful, and you’ll be strong and successful too.

Sound like caveman psychology?  It is, and in evolutionary time we’re all less than a hair’s breadth away from our ancestors.

Think about it, do you get ahead by marrying unattractive losers and working  dead-end jobs?  Do you choose a second- or third-rate school for your children?  Do you consciously seek out friends based on how quickly they’ll drag you down?

Assuming you’re a well-adjusted human being (which is to say you care about your future), the answer to these questions is NO.  You do the very opposite things because success breeds success.  Winners back winners.

"I’m not teaching you something new, I’m asking you to take a look at things as they have been, are, and always will be.  In order to survive and replicate, you make choices, consciously or not, meant to align yourself with people, organizations, and systems that succeed."

Let us leave the classroom at this point and take our new-found learning to the streets, the streets of network marketing, as precarious a place as any caveman hunting sabre-tooth tigers ever encountered.   Better still, let’s pluck our caveman from the hunt and drop him into the world of contemporary network marketing.  What would he think and what would he do?

Assuming he’s more curious than afraid, he’d probably see

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About Jason O`Toole:

Jason O'Toole Is a 7 Figure income earner and has gone from 6 figues in debt to 6 figures a month in 14 months.  In 25 months Jason has built a team of over 80,000 members with over 300 thousand customers that generates over 25 Million a month in sales. Jason O'Toole has created over 330 six and seven figure earners in the past few years and is the #1 earner with his  current company.  Ranked amongst the top 100 networkers around the globe jason will continue to create millionaire after millionalire and continue to get better and better at what he does

Please visit Jason O`Toole's Trainer page for more free articles, tele-classes and training material


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