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Insider Secrets Home Study Course With Todd Falcone
Category: CDs & DVDs
Author: Todd Falcone
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If You`ve Ever Wondered If There Is A Better
Way To Recruit, This Is It. . .

"What Would Your Business Look Like, If You Knew Exactly How To Recruit Up The
Socio-Economic Chain?"

Your About To Learn How To Targeting and Prospect
Specific Individuals Who Already Have The Skills
Necessary to Succeed in Network Marketing ...

Here Is What You`re Going To Get:
  1. Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals 8 CD`s
  2. Downloadable Course Workbook
  3. Advanced Search Training on 4 DVD`s
  4. Live Prospecting to Professionals on 6 CD`s

Todd Falcone`s Insider Secrets Home Study Course has quickly become one of the top selling training programs in the entire network marketing and direct sales industries.

In this powerful program, Todd teaches you EXACTLY how to recruit UP the socio-economic chain by specifically targeting and prospecting individuals who already have the skills necessary to succeed in network marketing.

If you ever wondered if there was a "better way" to recruit, this is IT!

You`ll learn exactly who to look for and why. You`ll learn exactly where to find them and what to say to them. You will learn the "ins and outs" of how Todd easily recruits realtors, insurance agents, professional sales people, mortgage brokers and other top professionals into his business. He teaches you how to NEVER, EVER run out of top notch quality talent into your business.

Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals 8 Audio CD`s

One of the most talked about and powerful trainings has now been expanded to give you even more winning strategies for recruiting professionals into your business.
In the 8 CD course, you’ll learn how to profile and locate top notch talent for your business, including realtors, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, business owners, outside sales people and more.

Todd teaches you WHY these are the best people to contact for your business, HOW to find them and WHAT to say to them to capture their attention. This power-packed training is loaded with money-making information that will have you prospecting top quality people, with greater confidence. The 8-CD course also includes a downloadable resource guide with all of Todd`s scripts for recruiting pros.

Advanced Search Training on 4 DVD`s

Todd takes you into his office in this unique training where he shows you exactly how to search for professionals. These DVD`s create a movie like experience where you see exactly what is happening on his computer screen as he narrates and tells you precisely where and how to find professionals in multiple categories. Todd reveals some of his favorite websites which literally provide thousands of prospects in one simple location. He also provides bonus footage and extra training tips not found on any of his other training modules.

Live Prospecting to Professionals on 6 Audio CD`s

Get in the ring with Todd and hear him prospect professionals right before your very ears. You`ll hear actual phone calls conducted to professionals where he piques their interest and gets them to say amazing 50% of the time! can model exactly what he says and how he says it to improve your results in recruiting quality people into your business.
"Todd your product is a must. You provide so much real life practical teachings that new and old will get something from. Plugging into your teachings via helped put $21 grand in my pocket in my 3rd month and I am NEWBIE to this industry."- Kim Beckley, FL


Buy this product, use it for 30-days, and if for any reason at all, you are not completely satisfied with it`s content, we will buy it back from you.

You have ZERO to lose and everything to gain.

You deserve to be recruiting talented people into your business. Learn how to do it now with Todd Falcone`s Insider Secrets Home Study Course, the only course of its kind in the entire network marketing profession.

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